This is just a building block for a future dish.  

I discovered this a couple of years ago when I was making dinner for a dozen  friends to celebrate MS’s birthday.  I knew I want to make  a Porto Rican pork shoulder that is slow roasted, covered in a mash of garlic and seasonings.  Easy and delicious.  

Then I went hunting for the right side dishes.  It had to be rice and beans, but I wanted something authentic.  It couldn’t be just boiled white rice and heated up canned black beans.   

From Daisy Martinez, I found a recipe for Yellow Rice with Corn.  Lot’s of flavor additions: Achiote oil (you make it by heating oil with annatto seeds), pimento stuffed olives, cumin, bay leaves, and Sofrito. 

Don’t know that you can buy Sofrito, I’m sure I’m wrong, but the recipe is included with the rice recipe.  

Sofrito is fresh ingredients chopped up in your food processor.  Store in your refrigerator if you’ll use it right away - up to 3 days.  Or freeze it.  

Sofrito Ingredients:


Italian frying peppers or cubanelle

lots of garlic cloves

a bunch of cilantro

ripe tomatoes

a bell pepper

And if you’re wary of cilantro, don’t be.  It’s taken me a long time to get used to the flavor.  But once everything is chopped up, it isn’t overpowering.

When you use Sofrito in a dish, you will saute it first which takes down the taste of the cilantro, too.  

Six cups of Sofrito in individual containers are ready for the freezer, and the next time I make Yellow Rice and Corn with a pork roast.  Soon, very soon!