Roasted Chicken on Acorn Squash

A perfect fall dinner from Melissa Clark, New York Times Wednesday Oct. 24, 2012,  Roasted Chicken on Delicata Squash.   My vegetable bed is acorn squash.

This was soooo easy, and has lots of flavor.  I used thighs and drumsticks.  Put them in a bowl so you can mix them with the seasonings and oil.  Salt and pepper of course, sage and she called for coriander seed.  I had none, so did without.

Let this sit.  She says 30 minutes.  Whatever works for you.

She tops the chicken pieces in the oven with slices of lemon that are first blanched quickly (dropped into boiling water for a couple of minutes).  Doing this seems like it’s worth skipping, but it really does make the rind less bitter.  Strain and add them to the chicken in the bowl.

Next, do follow this other tip of her’s that does make a difference in the flavor.  She mixes the squash slices in maple syrup.  But first she boils it for a couple of minutes with butter and chili powder.  She says this is something chefs do to concentrate the flavor.  I thought it was worth it once I tasted the squash.

Ready to assemble now.  Spread the squash around as the bottom layer.  Put the chicken pieces on top.  Then put the lemon pieces on the chicken.

Roast at 425 degrees for 15 minutes.  Then put on top sliced scallions.  I had none so did without.  Then bake another 20 minutes.

Not one of my finer pictures.  I was busy eating and lost track of the need for one!

Check out the video embedded int the article, it is very helpful, too. 

I totally recommend this dish.  The squash was delicious.  It was very flavorful. Yes, the flavor is maple syrup, what’s not to like!  Because these are thin slices - 1/4 inch or so, the flavors really penetrate the squash. 

I think I’m going to get more chicken tomorrow.  Have plenty of squash.  Want to make this again on Sunday, before the hurricane hits!