Curried Sweet Potato & Carrot Soup

I have to quickly put a dinner together.  It’s cold outside. So, it will be soup. 

I have lots of carrots.  (My 5 pound bag survived the Super Storm Sandy.)  And I bought a few sweet potatoes today.  

I’m working from this recipe from Food52. Curried Sweet Potato and Carrot Soup From my quick search of recipes online, many comments about sweet potato soup was that it was a little tasteless.   Curry is the answer.

I don’t have curry paste that the recipe calls for, just curry powder.  I’m using 2 heaping teaspoons with the onions.  I use Penzeys Spices Sweet Curry Powder, “spicy and rich, not hot.”

Carrots and sweet potatoes sauteing in with the onion and curry.

Surprisingly, I even have coconut milk!  A can has been lurking in the pantry for awhile.

I’ve got Trader Joes frozen Indian bread, Tandoor Naan, and a box of vegetable samosas.  Nice!  

Wonderful taste and texture!  Am adding this to the regular rotation!