There Will be Tarts….and Potatoes — Thanksgiving

Again this year our friends RO and SRO invited us for Thanksgiving…a feast for 18.

Yesterday, I picked up C and her friend T from the train.  This morning with some of their help, I’ve been making my dinner contributions for tomorrow.

I started with tarts for desert.  These mini-tartlets are only 2-3 bites each.  This is a recipe from Fine Cooking from long ago.  I made three varieties: pumpkin, pecan and cranberry-pear.                                                                                                               

My desert contribution is complete.  Maybe I’ll whip some whipping cream for the pumpkin tarts tomorrow.

Next, the girls peeled the 6 pounds of potatoes for Melissa Clark’s 

mashed potato casserole.  I made this last Thanksgiving  It was a hit, and an easy way to have mashed potatoes without the last minute work.  Great to bring  when someone else is hosting the feast.

It’s not beautiful in the photo.  The specks are chopped chives.  No crumbs on top, and it hasn’t been baked yet.  It’s waiting in the fridge till tomorrow.  It will finish at SRO’s —  baking for about 30 minutes.  

For today my work is done!